[DEMO] Lufthansa #abschiebefrei

Lufthansa, the biggest deportation profiteer in Germany. Let them not get away with their dirty business. On Monday, 19 July, we will take the 2 entrances of their main Berlin office during the end of their workday. In two officially registered rallies, their employees will have to go through us to get home. Let’s be loud and let’s be clear: until Lufthansa publicly takes a stand against structural racism and stops their collaboration with the German deportation machine, we will continue to confront them.

When: Monday, 19 July
15:00: Ringbahn (S+U) station Jungfernheide
16:20: rally at Lufthansa’s office = Siemensdamm 62

— bring whistles, pots & pans, drums or megaphones. Anything to be as loud as we can —

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Today we are calling to target Privilege Style, the Spanish charter-airline whose planes have done every of the last 9 charter-deportations from Germany to Afghanistan. This company profits from racism and should not be allowed one second of rest! Check here some tips on how to take online action today within only 10 minutes:

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Breaking Censorship: who are the companies doing charter-deportations

Since 2020, the German government is censoring which airline companies are used for deportations. Although this information has always been given before in parliamentary requests, a recent parliamentary information request (page 9) by Die Linke received as answer: “Publication of the airlines […] may have a negative impact on the public’s perception of these airlines. Publicly naming the airlines that offer deportation flights risks exposing these companies to public criticism and, as a result, making them unavailable to transport persons who are obliged to leave the country to their home countries” (page 9). We, as No Border Assembly, not only fiercely reject this reasoning, we are also breaking their censorship.

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Self-reflection on Deportation Alarm

As you probably know, since November 2020 Deportation Alarm has been using flightradar to track deportation charterflights – therefore we can check whether charterflights that have been warned for, have actually happened or not. And to see which warnings we missed. Read which charter-deportations we tracked here.

Last month, the Kleine Anfrage “Abschiebungen 2020” was released. This means we could check how accurate our deportation tracking has been for November and December 2020. Here our self-reflection.

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[new brochure] Border Profiteers

This brochure has gathered a list of corporations that profit from deportations, from managing detention centers, from building fences, selling ships, drones or planes patrolling the Mediterranean, subcontracted security guards, providing data collection, border surveillance software, id control mechanisms, racist policy consultation, prison construction and any other form of oppression that limits peoples freedom of movement and right to stay.

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Stop the Border Business – Demo on April 17th in Berlin-Mitte

Every day, companies are profiting from the neocolonial and racist migration regime with its borders, surveillance and deportations. The offices and headquarters of such companies can be found right in the heart of Berlin. Nevertheless, barely anyone draws attention to that, while the German government tries to disguise and hide their deportation and weapon deals with these companies. We want to change that!

On 17th of April, we will visit each of their offices in a demonstration against Border and Deportation Profiteers through Berlin-Mitte. Let’s expose and confront them – their dirty business model has to stop now!

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Speech at Solidarity camp “Weekend for Moria” in Berlin, March 6th

1. The number of deportations of asylum-seekers in Corona months have significantly increased. We have heard of confirmed news that Germany charters a whole flight to deport two people, have used helicopters to remove asylum-seekers from the land and has spent tremendous amounts of money to promote pushbacks and surveillance in marginal countries of the EU. We are all responsible for the arrest and prosecution of the people who are forcefully returned back to their countries as long as we pay tax. Just yesterday, an Iranian asylum-seeker called Saeed Noori has been detained in Hessen and is now awaiting deportation to Iran in a detention center. This deportation has been scheduled for March 11. In Iran, applying for asylum in another country is already a crime. Saeed will be treated inhumanly when he arrives Iran. No deportation is legitimate as it jeopardizes lives of people.

We believe in total freedom of movement & the right to stay for all: no borders, no deportations! Not in Germany – Not anywhere!

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