About us

The No Border Assembly is a Berlin/Brandenburg based weekly meeting-space to organize resistance against borders.

You can reach us here: noborderassembly[at]riseup[dot]net
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People currently in the group identify with the following idea’s:
1. We believe in total freedom of movement & the right to stay for all: no borders, no deportations!
2. We are convinced of the power of non-state, leaderless movements, collective organizing and practical mutual solidarity.
3. The fight against borders and deportations is linked to fights against any form of oppression (sexism, ableism etc.), the fight against racism, neo-colonialism and capitalism.

What do we mean when we say: NO DEPORTATION!

Deportations are violent acts by states which constrain our individual and collective freedom. We see deportations as a practice which upholds nationalism and global inequalities originating from colonialism and capitalism. Stopping deportations would be a fundamental step towards a fairer world. A world, in which all people can freely decide where they want to live.

What do we mean when we say: NO BORDERS!

We do not agree with the concept of nation states and the practice of governments to enforce borders between us. Border controls, segregation in camps, traveling constraints, unequal access to health care, social welfare and working rights, no right to vote as well as migration and asylum policies as such, enforce borders between us. These artificial lines prioritize people on the grounds of their origin, national and economic status, appearance, gender and wealth. We reject authority that defines who is allowed to live somewhere or be part of a community and who is not. We want to fight for a world where no authority categorizes us or makes decisions for us.

What do we mean when we say: ANTI-CAPITALISM!

Corporations control most of our daily needs, from our food, clothes or housing to the media, our finances or our communication. This control is not based on values like freedom, justice or equality: the only consideration is maximum profit. Also deportations and borders make profit for these businesses: prisons, border security, deportation flights, refugee accommodation centers. We aim for a societal change towards a world, in which wealth is distributed in a fair way and where people are more valued than money. A world with societal appreciation towards reproductional, emotional and care work. A world without exploitation for the benefit of few, but self-determined work and a decolonized solidary world economy.

What do we mean when we say: DECOLONIALIZATION!

Colonialism is not something of the past. Anti-colonial resistance has dismantled parts of colonialism over centuries of struggle, though much of it remains. There is still unequal distribution of global wealth and power, originating from colonialism and slavery. Parts of the world remain occupied by descendents of colonial settlers. The deeply routed mindset of white supremacy remains in society and institutions. And promotion of colonial symbols and false histories endures. Also European migration policy is based on the same colonial understanding: migrants and refugees are reduced to their potential economic profit for the national economy, subjected to exploitation and excluded or deported if not viewed profitable enough. Neo-colonial capitalism systematically exploits the workforce of people of color from and in the Global South to centralize power and wealth in (white) Europe and other Western states. Therefore, we stand for a deep reflection on how colonial privilege exists in out group and surrounding, and aim to be part of decolonizing society, economy and knowledge.

What do we mean when we say: FOR A WORLD WITHOUT OPPRESSION!

We all grew up in an oppressive world where people of color are treated worse than white people, where women*, non-binary and trans people are treated differently than (cis-) men, where gay, lesbian and queer people are treated differently than hetero people (among many more forms of oppression). Another world is possible! When we fight for our freedom, we want to fight for freedom for all of us. All these forms of oppression are connected with each other. We want our assembly to be a space of solidarity where together we challenge any kind of oppression and fight for a world based on justice and equality for all!

What do we mean when we say: COLLECTIVE SELF-ORGANIZATION!

Governments define much of our daily lives. They claim to know better than ourselves how to organize society. In workplaces, bosses give us orders and deny our decision-making power. However, we want a world that is organized non-hierarchically: forms of organization where everyone holds equal power over a decision. The No Border Assembly makes decisions in consensus, meaning that all affected by a decision will decide collectively until everyone can stand behind that decision. Without any leaders, we are fighting for a world where we determine our actions and lives.