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    8 MARCH DEMO: our life our resistance, break the silence break the system

    14:00European Commission (Unter den Linden 78)

    Call for 8th March 2021
    International day of Women*´s Struggle

    to all Women*, trans* and inter persons, especially trans*women, working class women*, refugee women*, Black women*, Indigenous women*, women* of Colour and disabled Women*

    -In 2020, the Frontex budget was increased by more than 120 million Euro to 444 million Euro while many thousands have died on the shores of Libya and in the Mediterranean, and hundreds have died in the Atlantic on their way to the Canary Islands.

    -During this crisis, the German government saves large corporations like Lufthansa with millions of Euros – money that goes towards financing deportations. On the other hand, the German arms industries are profiting more than ever by selling and exporting guns to so called “Conflict-Zones” and creating more war and death in many places, including Yemen and Northern Syria.

    -Romani People are the largest minority in Europe and face ongoing and constant marginalisation, #gentrification, racism and genocide until today. In Europe, Romani people are confronted with inhumane circumstances, such as no access to water or medical care. Also police brutality against Romani has increased. Romani people are being held accountable for Corona and pushed into isolation. Europe calls it “prevention” and forces entire houses under arrest.

    -In the forest near a village on the border of Croatia and the European Union, thousands of refugees have been living since December last year without shelter, no access to water or medical care in minus degrees. Bosnian authorities in the Bosnian city of Bihac moved hundreds of them to an old garbage dump. The European Union is not even watching.

    -In Fall 2020 the weather is getting colder but fires have destroyed Greece’s largest migrant camp, an overcrowded facility on the island of Lesbos, leaving nearly 13,000 people without shelter. Meanwhile, European border agencies, German police officers are pushing back refugees to Turkish water – illegal deportations known as “pushbacks”.

    These are not stories of a Netflix horror show. This is called: White Supremacy.
    White supremacy doesn‘t have any shame in destroying the world and people’s lives through imperialist, colonialist, neoliberalist and extractivism agendas as well as femicide, embargo, border and deportation policies, supporting dictators and occupations with weapons trade and war.

    We, the Alliance of internationalist Feminists believe Self-organization and self-defense is our strength in fighting against fascism, capitalism, patriarchy and white supremacy.
    Our struggle has been here all along and is connecting us around the whole world. We stand hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder together. Because the fight of each sister* is the fight of all sisters*. Let us show our determination and autonomy beyond borders. Another world is possible.

    Let’s be organized.
    Let’s be uncompromising.
    Let’s dream big.
    Let’s stand up.

    Where: In Front of Representation of the European Commission in Germany (Unter den Linden 78, 10117 Berlin)
    When: Monday, 08.03.2021, 2pm

    +Bring your slogans and signs!
    ++Cis men are not invited, they are advised to take another action to stop violence against women*.