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    Internationalist Queer Pride for Liberation 2021


    We are here and we are queer — in every shade, size, and shape! We are so much more than the limited imaginations of cis, white, state-sponsored pinkwashing parades and rainbow capitalism.

    🌍 We want to live in a world where our genders and sexualities are not used by companies and governments to hide their human rights abuses!
    🔨 We want to dismantle racist colonial structures and inequality!
    ❤️ We want to rethink our world in a revolutionary way: in our hearts, minds, bodies, friendships and relationships!
    🌻 We want to take to the streets of Berlin and reflect our beautiful, diverse queer realities in all of their glory!

    And we want you to join us!

    With the Internationalist Queer Pride for Liberation, we want to reclaim pride from the mainstream CSD, and bring together Berlin’s radical queer, anti-colonial and anti-racist communities.

    This march is jointly organised by QuARC (Queers Against Racism and Colonialism Berlin), by members of many antiracist queer groups in Berlin, and by people who are not connected to any organisation.

    Our liberation will be intersectional. We stand together; Black people, People of Colour, Roma and Sinti, Jews, migrants, Muslims, sex workers, people without housing, disabled people, precarious workers, trans people, refugees and asylum seekers, intersex people, and Indigenous peoples everywhere. From Latin America, to the Philippines, to Palestine, to Tigray. From Western Sahara, to Kurdistan, to Kashmir. From the factories to the farms. From the urban to the rural, for climate justice and animal liberation. We are whole-heartedly committed to challenging the structures of white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy.

    To all our trans, 2-spirit, fa’afafine, intersex, lesbian, pan, stud, genderfluid, bi, femme, gay, butch, muxe, nonbinary, ace, queer, and questioning siblings, allies and everyone who wants to challenge the white, cis-heteronormative status quo:

    We invite you to march with us on Saturday 24 July — bring all of your friends and come ready to celebrate, dance, shout and take over the streets. We look forward to sharing this moment of collective power, pride, and protest with you.

    None of us are free until all of us are free!