ONLINE ACTION: shame Lufthansa in their own spaces

The launch of our campaign “Lufthansa #Abschiebefrei” in July immediately provoked the state into keeping the statistics of Lufthansa’s deportation profiteering a secret from now on. Now it is high time to take the next step. Let’s shame Lufthansa in their own spaces: in their travel agencies, in their offices, in the airport and in tourist hotspots. Let it be clear to everyone: Lufthansa profits from structural racism and until they halt their collaboration with deportations, we will confront them.

Therefore, we are ready to resume the campaign with a next step. For this, we rely on your support: posters of the campaign are ready. Even in times of the current peaking Corona-virus there are ways to confront Lufthansa.

Week of household actions 09 – 19 Nov

If we are to be contained in our households, we can be radical households! Go out with your housemates to the closed travel agencies, around the airport or Lufthansa offices and hang posters on their windows or chalk messages on the streets in front of their entrances with your opinion of them. You can print our posters from here. Take a picture or a few-second video of the result of your action (no faces, please!).

#Abschiebefrei: online action 20 + 21 + 22 Nov

On these 3 days, we will overwhelm online platforms confronting Lufthansa with their deportation profiteering. Across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we invite everyone to publish images of all the cool actions that happened in the week before; and to share and retweet, and publish your own messages with the hashtags #Abschiebefrei, #LockDownLufthansa and #SayNoToDeportations

Lufthansa will only stop profiting from deportations, if we make them feel that their profiteering has consequences. Let it have consequences until the demand is met: Lufthansa Abschiebefrei!

Further information:
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