#EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya – Social Media Campaign

[Deutsch unten, Fran├žais ci-dessous] #EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya
Show solidarity & join the social media action from 25.01. – 27.01. on Twitter (@SoliwRiL) & Instagram (@solidaritywithrefugeesinlibya). You can find more detailed info in the pdf: ENG_Call_EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya.

The peaceful, self-organized protest of African protection seekers in front of the UNHCR in Tripoli, Libya was brutally crushed after > 100 days. At least 600 people, including women and children, were taken to one of the notorious Detention Centers where rape, torture and forced labor are commonplace.
Germany is partly responsible for the deadly camp system in Libya and yet those responsible and the media remain silent.

Let’s join together to make the voices of @RefugeesinLibya heard in Germany and the EU!

#EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya #DefundLibyanCoastGuard #DismantleLibyanDetentionCenters #SafePassage #FortressEurope

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