New Info-Flyer: Resistance against Deportations

A new leaflet has gathered a list of potential tactics to use in resisting one’s own deportation. Are you threatened by deportation? You heard of an upcoming deportation? There are ways to resist a deportation! Find more info in this flyer. In Arabic, Farsi, French, Tigrinya, Serbian, Urdu, English, Russian, Pashto and German.

The fight against deportations happens every day! People have used a variarity of tactics to resist their own deportation and to work together in outsmarting police and ausländerbehörde. Many people fighting their own deportation know about most possible tactics. This leaflet aims to make sure that as many people as possible known what tactics people have used in the past. Sharing our knowledge increases our resistance. Every deportation stopped is a victory and is one step in the direction of a world without deportations.

More info in our project: Resistance against Deportations

We have this Info-flyer in these languages (PDF): Urdu-اردو, Tigrinya-ትግርኛ, Serbian-Српски, Pashto-پښتو, Russian-русский, Farsi-فارسی, French-Français, English, Arabic-عربى, German-Deutsch