Stop Deportation! Protest Camp 1-6 June 2023

Join the Protest Camp against Deportations!
At the Berlin-Brandenburg Airport, the government plans to build a massive deportation prison. Already now, mass deportations via charter flights silently take place there every month. We want to break the silence and are organizing the “Stop Deportation! Protest Camp” close to the BER Airport from June 1-6 2023.

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Rally: No Business with Deportation Airlines!

🟣 Rally on Tuesday, 7 March 2023 @12:30
🟣 Location: Messe-Berlin Eingang Süd / Jafféstraße, 14055
Organised by Abolish Frontex & No Border Assembly

A list of around 13 charter-airlines are collaborating with the German state to enact more than 200 mass deportation charter flights each year. Multiple times each week, this form of racist police violence takes place: police storm people’s homes around Germany during midnight deportation raids in an attempt to fill entire planes, which are specifically rented for mass deportation. These airlines pocket the cash, which comes from the budgets of FRONTEX, EU’s agency of border violence. Even if the state is the primary perpetrator of deportations, let us not be silent about those that profit from this! We condemn both the state and the dirty profiteers!

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13:00 Bike demo to Schönefeld – Starting point: Hermannplatz, 10967 Berlin
15:00 Rally with concerts & Küfa – Place: Kirchstraße, 12529 Schönefeld (BER Airport T5)

Germany is turning the Berlin airport terminal 5 into a Deportation Center, including two prison buildings with a capacity to imprison 120 people. The plan is to start construction of this new center in the next months and aim to have it in operation from 2025. We, as “Abschiebezentrum BER Verhindern” call on everyone to loudly and fiercely take the streets and block with us this racist and neo-colonial plan! Therefore you are invited to join us on the street during a Bicycle Demo starting at Hermannplatz 13:00 going to Schönefeld, next to the planned construction site. From 15:00 until 19:00 we will protest in Schönefeld with a Küfa, Concerts and Speeches.

There will be live performences by:
17:00-18:00 Intare (Rap)
18:00-19:00 Marap (Consciousrap from Hamburg)

There will be vegan food for dinner by Kiezkantine
Some non-alcoholic drinks will be available.

Anyone who’d like to bike from Berlin to there: we start from Hermannplatz at 13:00 and follow a registered route together in a loud bike demo.

There will be short, small-group walks from the protest to politically relevant location nearby, such as the current deportation prison, the usual starting point of charter-deportations, etc.

Let’s remember this is not a party! It’s placed next to a current deportation prison. We will be loud and angry: let’s use the space to get to know the area and each other, so we can be strong in the upcoming years of resistance.

No Border! No Nation! Stop Deportation Center BER!
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Refugees in Libya started their protests in October 2021 – yet the conditions for refugees in Libya remain the same. They are exposed to structural violence, arbitrary detention in inhumane conditions, torture, enslavement and murder. People are still drowning in the Mediterranean daily or being pulled back by both the so-called Libyan coast guard (LYCG) and the newly established Stability Support Apparatus (SSA). The European Union (EU) is contributing to these atrocities daily by funding and training the so-called LYCG and supporting structures, which are holding the current system in place.

Still, the echo of the protest of Refugees in Libya is ignored in the European public discourse.


Scandal about the planned deportation center at BER Airport – No deportation center anywhere!

Press release from 03.08.2022

“Today’s publications by FragDenStaat, rbb and the ARD political magazine Kontraste demonstrate the questionable means the Brandenburg Ministry of the Interior is resorting to in order to push through the construction of a deportation center at BER Airport, bypassing its own coalition partner and the state parliament. It is not only a political scandal to keep these plans secret even from the own finance minister. From the very beginning, the Ministry of the Interior intransparently cooperated with a flimsy investor, which is later presented as the supposedly only option.

The real scandal is that a deportation center is being built at BER in which refugees are deliberately isolated and locked up. Planned is a deportation detention center to hold 120 people and perspectively the center could even be expanded to a deportation prison,” says the press spokeswoman of the initiative “Stop Deportation Center BER” Alexis Martel.

“The shady deals of the company Harder & Partner were and are known to the Brandenburg Ministry of the Interior. Apparently, Jürgen B. Harder can determine the political conditions in favor of its new large-scale construction site “deportation prison”. This is in his interest: Because millions can be earned with the racist business.

While European governments are increasingly undermining the right to asylum, Brandenburg and the federal government are pushing for even more deportations. Since the plans for the deportation center became known, we have made it clear: No one is illegal. We stand against all forms of racist detention of refugees, whether it is called custody pending departure, deportation detention center or airport asylum procedure.

We do not accept the systematic racist oppression, deportation and discrimination of people! That is why we resist the detention and deportation of people and will prevent the deportation center at BER. Our resistance has only just begun.”

No deportation center at BER airport!
No deportation center anywhere!

Press contact:
Alexis Martel (Initiative “Stop Deportation Center BER”)
Twitter: @Abschiebez_BER
Instagram: @stopdeportationcenterber

More information:

About “Stop Deportation Center BER”
The initiative was founded at the end of 2021 to organize against the planned deportation center at BER Airport and to take the protest to the streets and online. Most recently, the initiative worked on a campaign against the questionable investment company “Harder & Partner” and called for an online day of action (see also


—-⌚️ Wednesday, 20 July ⌚️—-

European airlines are making profits with deportation charterflights from Germany. We will call out their racist deportation business until they #StopDeportation. Join the online action!

Use our Action Toolkit & Sharepics :

More info? Check the new website of Deportation Alarm ➡️

⚫️ uncensored data identifying the names of deportation airlines, so far kept secret by the german government
⚫️ detailed info on 206 deportation charterflights from Germany in 2021
Let’s stop deportation business!

Online Storm against Investor of Deportation Center BER

Today, the online storm against “Harder & Partner” is starting. This company thinks they can build a deportation center at BER airport in silence. But, no moment of rest for deportation profiteers! With your help, we will overwhelm online platforms and confront Harder & Partner, while informing all their clients of Harder’s cynical profiteering from deportations and racism.

Even if you have only 10 minutes, you can take meaningful online action. See here our action guide here, with tips and sharepics:

Do you have social media? Share our posts!
Hashtags: #DumpHarder #DefundRacism #StopDeportationCenterBER

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Activist Recreation Day, June 25 at Tempelhofer Feld

Dear comrades and activists,

the No Border Assembly is organising for the first time a recreation day for activists. Therefore, we have the honour to invite you to take part in sportive activities on Saturday, 25th of June from 11-17:00 at Tempelhofer Feld (close to the table tennis tables).

We want to have lunch together, so you are very welcome to bring some food or drinks. And if you have badminton rackets, table tennis paddles, a frisbee or something else you would like to play, please bring it. Also, invite your friends and comrades!

We are looking forward to see you!

Chers camarades et activistes,

No Border Assembly organise pour la première fois une journée de récréation pour les activistes. C’est pourquoi nous avons l’honneur de vous inviter à participer à des activités sportives le samedi 25 juin de 11 à 17h00 au Tempelhofer Feld (près des tables de ping-pong)
Nous voulons déjeuner ensemble, vous êtes donc les b

ienvenus et veuillez apporter de la nourriture ou des boissons. Et si vous avez des raquettes de badminton, des raquettes de tennis de table, un frisbee ou autre chose que vous aimeriez jouer, apportez-le. Invitez également vos amis et camarades !

Nous sommes impatients de vous voir !

International Demonstration on May 14th in Frankfurt (Oder): FIGHT FORTRESS EUROPE – Solidarity with ALL refugees at the EU external borders

on May 14th, 12:00
in Frankfurt (Oder)


FIGHT FORTRESS EUROPE – Solidarity with ALL refugees at the EU external borders

Don’t forget the people at the EU external borders – our looking away kills!

Images that reach us from the EU external borders – if they still reach us at these times – are more brutal than ever. Human suffering, that the European Union not only allows, but actively helps to produce and maintain.

People on the Polish-Belarusian border are held in the cold in makeshift tent camps or even left to fend for themselves in the middle of the forest. They are exposed to the brutal violence of the border guards, who beat them, take away their clothes, food and cell phones and leave them to freeze and starve to death in the forest. In the camps, they are held in inhumane, prison-like conditions and prevented from entering the European Union. The militarization of the Polish-Belarusian border has created another death strip on an external EU border. Illegal push-backs and denial of basic supplies force people to hold out in the border area and have already cost the lives of over 30 people.

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Rally 24.3: Stop BER Deportation Center

🕑 Thursday, 24.3 um 15:00
📌 Landtag Brandenburg (Am Alten Markt, Potsdam)

Germany is planning a new deportation center at BER airport. This Thursday, these plans will be discussed in Brandenburg parliament in Potsdam. The alliance “Abschiebezentrum BER verhindern” calls to gather at the parliament building during their session and raise our voice: Stop the construction of this deportation center!

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