Stop the BER Deportation Center!

The German government is planning a new deportation center at BER airport near Schönefeld. The new alliance “Abschiebezentrum BER verhindern” is organising to stop their plans! Join the first DEMO on Wednesday, 9 February at 16:45 to raise our voice against this project! We will march to the municipality meeting while Schönefeld politicians are discussing construction plans of the new center. Below you’ll find the callout as well as social media sharepics. Spread the word on all your platforms.

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#EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya – Social Media Campaign

[Deutsch unten, Français ci-dessous] #EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya
Show solidarity & join the social media action from 25.01. – 27.01. on Twitter (@SoliwRiL) & Instagram (@solidaritywithrefugeesinlibya). You can find more detailed info in the pdf: ENG_Call_EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya.

The peaceful, self-organized protest of African protection seekers in front of the UNHCR in Tripoli, Libya was brutally crushed after > 100 days. At least 600 people, including women and children, were taken to one of the notorious Detention Centers where rape, torture and forced labor are commonplace.
Germany is partly responsible for the deadly camp system in Libya and yet those responsible and the media remain silent.

Let’s join together to make the voices of @RefugeesinLibya heard in Germany and the EU!

#EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya #DefundLibyanCoastGuard #DismantleLibyanDetentionCenters #SafePassage #FortressEurope

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Frontex and Deportations

Frontex is the EU’s deportation machine. It is increasingly involved in initiating, organising, financing and coordinating deportations, with the goal to increase the number of people being deported from EU member states. As Frontex wrote in its recent evaluation report: “in the 1st half of 2021 Frontex supported the largest number of returns ever in one semester”.[1] 8239 people were deported, twice as many as in the same period in 2020 and even 9% more people than between January-June 2019, when there were no COVID-related travel restrictions yet.[2]

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Take action on 18 December – International Migrants Day – to Abolish Frontex!

Abolish Frontex – Freedom of movement for everyone! Demo on 18/12 at 12:00 in Berlin (Bernauer Str / Ackerstr). European-wide we call for an abolition of Frontex and the racist system it represents.

Over 44.764 people have died trying to reach Fortress Europe. In Tripoli, nearly 3000 refugees are protesting outside the UNHCR headquarters following the mass detention of 5000 people and the death of six people in early October. Thousands of people are currently stuck and facing violence at the Polish-Belarus border and are being pushed back into Belarus. Journalists and human rights workers are being kept out of the border are which has become a militarised zone under a state of emergency.

On 18 December, take action to Abolish Frontex and the system it represents. Find ideas for actions and a list of Frontex locations here:

Abolish Deportation Prisons! Stop the planned Deportation Center at BER Airport!

No Border Assembly is relaunching the campaign Abschiebehaft Abschaffen Berlin/Brandenburg. A deportation prison (Abschiebehaft) is the place were people are locked up in the days or months before being deported. There are currently 15 deportation prisons in use around Germany and 3 more are in construction. Some of us get deprived of our freedom just for having received a negative response to an asylum application. If state violence against people of color and against those of us who migrated here is visible in many aspects of life, in this case it is even more evident. In these hidden cages of racist police violence, where people are taken after midnight deportation raids, people resist and fight to survive every day, often without anyone knowing what goes on inside those walls. We stand in solidarity with people resisting inside deportation prisons and promote any action & campaign that helps to end the practice of deportation prisons.

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NO LAGER! NOWHERE! Rally and Küfa on 9 October

Break the isolation and protest against racist segregation laws and camp housing! NO LAGER! NOWHERE!

There are 20 000 people living in the camps of Berlin, subjected to a camp industry that legally profits from forced habitation in isolated boxes. Lagers are closer to prisons than to housing. These Lagers collaborate with midnight deportation raids, they use mass-surveillance through a chip in people’s registration card and they do nothing about racist violence from security guards. We are organising against this!

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KUNDGEBUNG: Stoppt die Abschiebung in die Türkei

A Kurdish family has been in Berlin-Schönefeld’s deportation prison since 3 weeks. Although having fled Turkey after experiencing torture, their asylum claim was rejected and now Germany aims to deport them to Turkey this Friday. Let us all stand up in rage against this deportation and demand the immediate release of the family from deportation prison! Join us in protest this Wednesday in front of the deportation prison.
➜ Wednesday (11 August) 17:00
➜ in front of Deportation Prison Schönefeld (S-Bahnhof BER Terminal 5)

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[DEMO] Lufthansa #abschiebefrei

Lufthansa, the biggest deportation profiteer in Germany. Let them not get away with their dirty business. On Monday, 19 July, we will take the 2 entrances of their main Berlin office during the end of their workday. In two officially registered rallies, their employees will have to go through us to get home. Let’s be loud and let’s be clear: until Lufthansa publicly takes a stand against structural racism and stops their collaboration with the German deportation machine, we will continue to confront them.

When: Monday, 19 July
15:00: Ringbahn (S+U) station Jungfernheide
16:20: rally at Lufthansa’s office = Siemensdamm 62

— bring whistles, pots & pans, drums or megaphones. Anything to be as loud as we can —

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Today we are calling to target Privilege Style, the Spanish charter-airline whose planes have done every of the last 9 charter-deportations from Germany to Afghanistan. This company profits from racism and should not be allowed one second of rest! Check here some tips on how to take online action today within only 10 minutes:

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Breaking Censorship: who are the companies doing charter-deportations

Since 2020, the German government is censoring which airline companies are used for deportations. Although this information has always been given before in parliamentary requests, a recent parliamentary information request (page 9) by Die Linke received as answer: “Publication of the airlines […] may have a negative impact on the public’s perception of these airlines. Publicly naming the airlines that offer deportation flights risks exposing these companies to public criticism and, as a result, making them unavailable to transport persons who are obliged to leave the country to their home countries” (page 9). We, as No Border Assembly, not only fiercely reject this reasoning, we are also breaking their censorship.

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