ONLINE ACTION: shame Lufthansa in their own spaces

The launch of our campaign “Lufthansa #Abschiebefrei” in July immediately provoked the state into keeping the statistics of Lufthansa’s deportation profiteering a secret from now on. Now it is high time to take the next step. Let’s shame Lufthansa in their own spaces: in their travel agencies, in their offices, in the airport and in tourist hotspots. Let it be clear to everyone: Lufthansa profits from structural racism and until they halt their collaboration with deportations, we will confront them.

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Online mass action – Lufthansa, #SayNoToDeportations!

An online mass action yesterday (Monday, 27 July 2020) targeted Lufthansa for its continued collaboration with deportations. On the first day of the campaign “Lufthansa #Abschiebefrei” the Berlin group “No Border Assembly” together with more than 20 anti-racist groups all over Germany made the hashtag #Abschiebefrei trending in social media and demanded Lufthansa to refrain from deportation flights.

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New Info-Flyer: Resistance against Deportations

A new leaflet has gathered a list of potential tactics to use in resisting one’s own deportation. Are you threatened by deportation? You heard of an upcoming deportation? There are ways to resist a deportation! Find more info in this flyer. In Arabic, Farsi, French, Tigrinya, Serbian, Urdu, English, Russian, Pashto and German.

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Campaign Start – Lufthansa #Abschiebefrei #SayNoToDeportations

On Monday, 27 July 2020, the group “No Border Assembly Berlin” together with other organisations will launch the campaign Lufthansa #Abschiebfrei. It is directed against deportation profiteering by the German company Lufthansa AG. In 2019, more than 25% (5,885 of 22,097) of deportations from Germany were carried out by Lufthansa[1]. In 2018, the number of deported persons was 6,025 [2]. The alliance calls on Lufthansa to take a clear position against racism and to stop transporting people against their will. More than 20 organizations have already joined the campaign nationwide.

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Majority of deportations resisted last year

The fight against deportations happens everyday. People are constantly resisting their own deportation. In 2019: 28.944 booked deportation seats were canceled because people were hiding and police could not find them. 1.692 times, people successfully resisted their deportation while already inside the airplane and escaped their deportation. 596 times, airline pilots have refused to cooperate with a deportation.

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